Georgia-Pacific Professional Refreshes GP HealthSmart Website to Help Fight Germs

It's and flu season, and Georgia-Pacific Professional has refreshed its GP HealthSmart® website to help businesses and their employees stay healthy. The site is designed to be a wealth of information and resources to educate people about the benefits of good hand hygiene practices and to offer healthy solutions to businesses.

"Germs and communicable illnesses are frequently in headlines today, and businesses need educational resources and creative ways to help their employees avoid infection," says Tim Jones, hand hygiene category director for Georgia-Pacific Professional. "Our site highlights germ hotspots in a broad range of businesses – from schools to hospitals and office buildings to restaurants – and offers specific steps individuals can take to avoid infection. Of course, the most important step is to wash your hands."

On the GP HealthSmart site, you'll be able to find:
- Creative online tools to educate employees and patrons on how to avoid germs and help prevent the spread of infection
- Information on how businesses can benefit by reinforcing good hygiene practices and using products that help eliminate opportunities for infection
- Updates on the latest infectious diseases that businesses and employees should be aware of, such as the Enterovirus and the Ebola virus
- Infographics and hand washing posters that businesses can place in common areas to help raise awareness about germs and proper hygiene.
- Access to information on Georgia-Pacific Professional products such as touchless towel and soap dispensers that can help reduce the spread of germs and cross contamination.

Source: Georgia-Pacific Professional