Germgard Lighting Develops UVC Dispenser to Decontaminate Bare and Gloved Hands

Germgard Lighting has developed and tested a small UVC dispenser, specifically designed for instantly and safely decontaminating bare and gloved hands. It is designed to achieve -6log10 inactivation in less than 3 seconds of all relevant pathogens, including antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, Clostridium difficile spores and infectious virus.

The company says that in contrast, current hand hygiene approaches have limited ability to sanitize and fall short of the nominal sanitation goal of -4log10 (99.99 percent) inactivation.  Substantial efforts to increase the hand hygiene compliance rate in hospitals have so far had limited effectiveness. As a result, global hospital infection rates continue to rise essentially unchecked.

The needed improvement demands new technologies and approaches that go well beyond simply focusing on increased use of current solutions between patient visits. Dr. Eugene I. Gordon, Germgard's CEO, says, "Our breakthrough, patent-pending, UVC technology represents an extraordinary, unique, and effective solution to the critical infection prevention need: fast and effective bare or gloved hand sterilization in surgery, in ICUs, and in patient rooms, as well as restaurants, schools, and R&D laboratories."