Getinge Aids Japan Hospital in Sterilization Efforts

As Japan begins to recover from the biggest earthquake to ever hit the nation; Sendai City Hospital in Miyagi has recently received five tabletop sterilizers from Getinge Infection Control. Situated in one of the worst affected areas, Sendai City Hospital was seriously crippled by the disaster as sterilization equipment became impossible to use after the earthquake.

After special permission to travel on closed roads was obtained, the sterilizers were sent from Getinge Japan as priority shipments to help the hospital resume surgeries as soon as possible. Getinge donated five tabletop sterilization (K-series) units each downloaded with the field battle version program. The tabletop units are placed in five different operating rooms with each machine running five cycles a day.

"The sterilizers are working well since March 17," says Masaru Kaneko, president at Getinge Japan. "Sendai City Hospital is extremely happy with the assistance from Getinge Japan."

Getinge will be closely monitoring the situation in Japan to assist the locals in rebuilding their hospitals.