Getinge USA Inc. Introduces Renuzyme Ultra


Getinge USA Inc. has introduced Renuzyme Ultra, an enzyme detergent specifically designed to address the issue of the manual cleaning of complex surgical instruments and devices, which is a constant concern and key problem within hospital sterile processing departments.

“In conversations with our customers, we hear the same concern on a daily basis. ‘What can Getinge do to help address the critical challenge of cleaning complex instruments?’ While Getinge has a number of solutions in the pipeline, we decided it was best to tackle this issue with a product that specifically targets this concern during one of the first steps in reprocessing, involving the manual cleaning process,” says Misty Whitecotton, product marketing manager for decontamination and sterilization consumables. “We were able to address this issue with a product that is proven to provide superior performance at ambient temperatures and cleaning the proteins that matter (proteins that we actually see on instruments), compared to the other leading enzyme detergent manufacturer. We were also able to develop a product that is safer, greener, and more economical at the same time, which addresses many different concerns within the hospitals we work with; cost control, OSHA safety for workers and with the environment in mind."

Renuzyme Ultra is designed for use in manual sink applications, as it is specifically formulated for use at lower temperatures (65-90°F), yet it performs just as well in ultrasonic cleaners and washer-disinfectors (up to 140°F). Renuzyme Ultra targets and attacks the proteins that matter (fibrinogen/ fibrin) for decontaminating instruments prior to sterilization.

Renuzyme Ultra is more economical than the leading competitor’s product at equivalent use dilutions. “There are real cost savings associated using Renuzyme Ultra for facilities that make the change. The average cost savings of 30 percent (when compared to the leading competitor), can be realized using equivalent use dilutions,” says Whitecotton.

Renuzyme Ultra supports the Getinge Green initiative. Made with readily biodegradable components, it contains no known carcinogens, heavy metals, phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, caustics, ammonia, amines, latex or CA Prop 65 components, or reproductive toxins. Its high concentration formulation means less detergent is needed per wash cycle. This allows for a greater yield per gallon of detergent while reducing transportation and storage costs, saving energy and contributing less to the overall carbon footprint.

Source: Getinge USA Inc.

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