Getinge USA Infection Control Equipment Now Available on Attainia Equipment Planning Portal

Getinge, a global provider of infection control solutions within healthcare and life sciences, announced today that it is now making its equipment portfolio, including sterilizers and washers, available on the Attainia equipment planning portal.

The addition of Getinge products will enable hospitals, health systems, healthcare equipment planners, architects, and integrated delivery networks to effectively manage healthcare projects and budgets that use Getinge equipment. Healthcare equipment suppliers can catalog Getinge items using Attainia's integrated planning and budgeting tools, allowing Getinge products to be specified early in the planning process.

“Getinge is placing its products into the hands of planners and key decision makers through Attainia,” states Anil Singhal, MD, vice president of supplier programs for Attainia. “We are pleased to add the Getinge line for our members.”

”The addition of Getinge’s products will provide a broader range of capabilities for our customers and business partners. With new products and solutions, greater efficiency can be achieved,” adds John Hansson, vice president of marketing and business development for Getinge.

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