GOJO Emphasizes Sustainable Business Practices

GOJO Industries, Inc. underscores its strong commitment to following sustainable business practices and made public its new GOJO Sustainability Policy. The policy commits to sustainable business practices as they relate to social, environmental and economic well-being.

GOJO has a long history of sustainable business practices in the skin-care industry. In 1952, founders Goldie and Jerry Lippman invented the world's first portion-control hand-cleaner dispenser to reduce waste. In 1983, GOJO developed liquid soap dispensing systems using GOJO SANITARY SEALED refills, a more hygienic alternative to bar soap or bulk dispensers. More recently, the company created GOJO GREEN HYGIENE Solutions, the world's first green certified hand soaps and sanitizers portfolio. PURELL® Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer was first in the world to achieve third-party certification (from EcoLogo) for instant hand sanitizers.

"Our sustainability commitment is driven by our purpose of saving lives and making life better through well-being solutions," says GOJO chairman and CEO Joe Kanfer. "Through our sustainable business practices, we seek to create value for GOJO and our stakeholders now and for generations to come."

Nicole Koharik, global sustainability senior marketing manager, said the sustainability policy expresses how GOJO intends to interact with people and the environment to help stakeholders understand GOJO beliefs, intentions and guiding principles for advancing sustainability.

"Striving to balance the social, environmental and economic impacts of our actions leads to advancing sustainability," she says. "This is consistent with our Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOW) approach to changing how we think and work so sustainability is embedded in everything we do."