Gonorrhea Cases Rises in Gay, Bisexual Community

WASHINGTON, DC-A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows an alarming increase of reported gonorrhea cases in gay and bisexual men.

The CDC used a national database to study gonorrhea trends in 29 cities and counties in the US. They found the rate of infection nearly tripled between 1992 and 1999.

Some experts think gay and bisexual men are being less careful about protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases because of the success of AIDS drugs.

The center studied gonorrhea because it is a useful marker of unprotected sex. The symptoms show up in men shortly after infection, which can give HCWS a sign that their patient is participating in risky behavior.

Nearly all centers examined in the study reported an increase of gonorrhea cases found in gay men. Seattle and San Francisco officials reported in 1999 more than 55% of new cases of the disease were infected gay and bisexual men.

Source: www.hivandhepatitis.com