Healthmark Adds the TEMP-USB-TP and the TEMP-USB-TH to its ProFormance Line

Healthmark Industries Co., Inc. announces the addition of two new temperature and humidity data loggers to its line of ProFormance monitoring products.

The TEMP-USB-TH measures more than 250,000 temperature and humidity readings ranging from -22 to 176F and 0 percent to 100 percent relative humidity. It is the solution for monitoring and recording the ambient conditions in temperature controlled areas such as decontam, packaging and prep, sterile storage and in patient procedure rooms.

The TEMP-USB-TP also has the ability to record more than 250,000 temperature recordings. Included are two temperature probes that have the ability to measure two temperature sets. This is the ideal solution for monitoring and recording the temperatures of warming cabinets, refrigerators, manual and ultrasonic baths. Anywhere conditions require the use of temperature probes.

Source: Healthmark Industries Co., Inc.