Healthmark Introduces New Stainless Steel Washer Sleeves

Healthmark Industries has announced the addition of the Stainless Steel Washing Sleeves to its ProSys™ Instrument Care line. Manufactured for effective transportation, washing and storage of sensitive medical instruments, the perforated Stainless Steel Washing Sleeves have a 17mm internal diameter and external diameter of 19mm.

Included with the washing sleeves are two silicone caps that have crossed perforations for alternatively inserting fine-tipped instruments, a circular stainless-steel identification tag capable of laser engraving and a stainless-steel ring-holder that joins the tag to the washing sleeves. The Stainless Steel Washing Sleeves are heat-resistant up to 275 degrees F, and are available in four different lengths of 2.16 inches, 8.66 inches, 15.16 inches and 19.48 inches.

Source: Healthmark Industries