Healthmark Offers New Dry-Base Sterisystem Trays

Healthmark Industries announces the addition of Dry-Base® Sterisystem Trays and Lids to its ProTech® Instrument Tray product line.

Manufactured from highly polished AISI 304 grade stainless steel, the Dry-Base® Sterisystem Trays are designed to hold items during various stages of reprocessing and come outfitted with a flat base that remains in contact with condensation on wrap for better evaporation of condensate, as well as perforated side walls to facilitate effective processing of items. The stackable tray lids are equipped with four silicone corners, which are offered in four different colors: yellow, green, blue, and red. These silicone corners easily snap around the top wire of the tray to prevent small, lightweight items from falling out of the tray during processing. The Dry-Base® Sterisystem Trays and Lids can be paired with the Secur-Its for Wire Bottom Baskets from Healthmark Industries that simply attach and screw into the bottom of the tray for enhanced security of items during transportation and storage.

Source: Healthmark Industries