Healthpoint Introduces First Full Line of Brush-Free Surgical Scrubbing With New Triseptin Waterless

FORT WORTH, Texas -- H. Paul Dorman, chairman and CEO of Healthpoint Ltd., a Texas-based market leader in surgical, tissue management, and dermatology products, has announced that the company's Surgical Division will launch the first full line of brush-free surgical scrubbing products with the introduction of Triseptin Waterless Surgical Scrub March 25 during the 50th Annual Congress of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) meeting in Chicago.

The line includes alcohol-based Triseptin Water-Aided and Triseptin Waterless, providing surgical staff with one standardized technology to fulfill "scrubbing" needs.

"Two years ago at AORN, Healthpoint launched its patented Trizenol technology -- the basis of Triseptin Water-Aided," said Shawn Gentry, marketing director for Healthpoint's Surgical Division. "Now we're introducing the first full line to utilize compatible technology."

The Triseptin line is based on the Trizenol technology that has three key elements -- a fast acting, alcohol active; a long-lasting preservative; and a surfactant that assists in the removal of dirt and organic debris -- all combined in an emollient-rich formula to help maintain skin integrity.

In a recent FDA Tentative Final Monograph (TFM) in vivo testing performed, Triseptin Waterless, like Triseptin Water-Aided, exceeded the testing criteria set forth for surgical scrub classification at all FDA testing time points.

Most hospital professionals have three options for surgical scrubbing: traditional scrub brush; water-aided, brush-free scrub; or waterless, brush- free scrub.

"The entire line provides surgical staff with more options to transition to brush free, as well as to provide persistence," said Gentry. "Triseptin Water-Aided is one of the most effective surgical scrubs currently on the market. Now with Triseptin Waterless, a full line of brush-free scrubbing products is available to the surgical community that is effective, easy to use and economical."

The line should improve cost-effectiveness by minimizing the number of brush products hospitals must stock, the company said.

Source: Healthpoint Ltd.

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