Hospira Launches LifeShield Supercath 5 Safety IV Catheter

Hospira, a Pfizer company and a leading provider of infusion technologies, today announced the launch of the new LifeShield® Supercath® 5 safety I.V. catheter in the United States. The new Supercath 5 debuted at the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) annual meeting being held through Sept. 19  in Orlando, Fla.

Healthcare workers are predisposed to certain occupational hazards, such as needlestick injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens when placing a peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC). With more than 350,000,000 PIVCs placed annually in the United States, and an estimated 385,000 to 800,000 needlestick and sharps injuries occurring annually in all settings, Hospira recognizes the need to help reduce the risk of blood exposure and needlestick injuries.

“Hospira is proud to add Supercath 5, our latest safety-focused technology, to our premier line of I.V. safety consumables,” said Julie Sawyer Montgomery, president of infusion systems at Hospira. “We are committed to bringing technology to our customers and are passionate about providing the smartest solutions to help support their I.V. access initiatives.”

Using equipment that helps reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and other blood exposure is an important step in helping to prevent the transmission of bloodborne viruses to healthcare personnel.4  Supercath 5 is equipped with a number of safety features designed to facilitate a safer I.V. placement, including:
a side-notched introducer needle that provides visual confirmation of blood vessel entry; an advancing tab that helps facilitate one-hand insertion and compliance with “no-touch” contamination protocols, and a retractable and fully encased needle protection that helps reduce risks posed to healthcare workers from inadvertent needlesticks.

The LifeShield line of I.V. safety consumables is already extensive, including the EffectIV® cap, Genie® closed vial access device, MicroClave® and MicroClave® Clear neutral displacement connectors, Neutron® catheter patency device and Spiros® closed male luer.

Source: Hospira