IAHCSMM Offers Dual-Language CS Technician Exam


CHICAGO -- In an ongoing effort to better meet the needs of a diverse professional population, the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) will now offer a Spanish- and English-translated, practice-based Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) examination.

Rather than forcing individuals who may be more comfortable with the Spanish language to take the exam in English, IAHCSMM believed it was important to provide an exam that ultimately places the language decision where it belongs -- in the hands of the test taker.

"IAHCSMM understands and appreciates that the CS profession is comprised of individuals from many different backgrounds," said IAHCSMM president Sybil Williams. "Offering a dual-language exam is one way to better meet the needs of those technicians who are working to become certified."

The Spanish-translated exam required careful attention to detail to ensure that both English and Spanish versions were properly and accurately aligned. User-friendliness was also a primary factor for consideration. Prior to beginning the exam, individuals will simply be prompted to select their preferred language. Even though examinees will select one language, the new format will allow them to switch back and forth between Spanish and English (if desired) throughout the duration of the exam.

The translated exam format will follow a practice-based approach; that is, using questions based on subject matter that has been defined by experts in the field for safe and effective practice, as opposed to knowledge that comes entirely from the pages of a textbook.

Not only does the practice-based format create an opportunity to more accurately assess professional skills from an actual practice or task perspective, it enables IAHCSMM to prioritize and weigh the importance of specific Central Service Materiel Management tasks according to their overall impact on quality of care and safety. The textbook still serves as a springboard for which the exam questions are based, however, and plays a vital role in the preparation of the CRCST exam. The new exam will allow the test taker to immediately know strengths and weaknesses within their knowledge base.

The Spanish-English exam will be at Prometric testing sites the week of April 11, 2004. The cost of the exam is $105. IAHCSMM is the only association for CSMM professionals that offers a secure, computer-based certification exam.

The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management is a premier association for professionals in health care central service/materiel management. IAHCSMM provides structural educational opportunities, professional development and a forum for information exchange to more than 8,000 members.


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