Iapyx Medical Introduces Suction Wand Holster System to Combat Hospital-Acquired Respiratory Infections


SAN DIEGO - Iapyx Medical, a developer of innovative medical devices, introduces its Iso-Line Suction Wand Holster System, an infection control product designed to conveniently isolate suction wands to minimize the transmission of pathogenic organisms in a hospital setting.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, 80 percent of oral suction wands, also known as Yankauer suction catheters, can be contaminated with highly pathogenic bacteria and fungi which can contribute to serious hospital-acquired infections. Typically, these wands are placed under the patients pillow or on other hospital equipment increasing the risk of infection to both patients and healthcare workers.

Sticking highly contaminated Yankauer catheters in areas that exposes the patient and clinician to pathogenic bacteria and fungi only adds to the $5 billion in added healthcare costs caused by hospital-acquired infections each year, said Dr. David Willms of Sharp Memorial Hospital. The Iso-Line Holster System is a simple, yet effective, infection control device that isolates contaminated Yankauers and should be considered standard of care for suction wand containment.

The Iso-Line Suction Wand Holster System is mounted onto the patients bedrail, hospital stand or ventilator, and includes a rigid disposable holster that isolates the suction wand from surface contact, thereby reducing the transmission of infectious pathogens. The holster is designed with a secretion reservoir that allows blood and mucus to drain away from the tip of the suction wand.

Hospital-acquired respiratory infections, such as ventilator-associated pneumonia, add approximately $40,000 to an average hospital stay and increases mortality rates for ventilator patients by more than 10 percent. Research conducted by nursing organizations show that the isolation of suction wands helps to significantly reduce the rates of ventilator-associated pneumonia. The Iso-Line Holster System for Suction Wands is a simple and effective isolation and storage device that when used consistently can provide an additional measure of patient and hospital worker safety.

Based in San Diego, Iapyx Medical develops and manufactures single-use medical devices designed to combat the epidemic of hospital-acquired infections. Today, Iapyx markets two product families that protect both patients and clinicians. The Iso-Line family uses isolation techniques to prevent exposure of patients and clinicians to contaminated devices. The Stable-Line® family of catheter stabilization devices is designed to minimize the risk of site infections, bloodstream and urinary tract infections, and other catheter-related complications.

Source: Iapyx Medical

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