ICP Medical Receives Award from U.S. Department of Defense for Protective Apparel

ICP Medical LLC, a leader in infection control and prevention products for hospitals and medical facilities, announces it has received an award from the United States Department of Defense to supply approximately 200 facilities worldwide with products from its Rapid Refresh product line. The products include gowns, shoe covers, and caps that have been designed and manufactured specifically to aid in the prevention and spread of infection.

The intent of the Department of Defense initiative was to standardize on clinically preferred products and sources for institutional and operational medicine requirements, as well as a reduction of stock keeping units (SKUs) and national stock numbers (NSNs).

We are proud to have the privilege to offer our products for the benefit of U.S. military and government personnel both here and abroad, says Brian Sanders, president of ICP Medical LLC. Each of our products meets or exceeds the clinical and technical requirements set by the Department of Defense for this initiative, he added.

ICP Medical LLCs Rapid Refresh product line is a proprietary brand of infection control and prevention products marketed to hospitals and medical facilities. The product line includes its flagship disposable curtains that can be taken down and replaced in seconds. The Rapid Refresh product line is currently used by numerous hospitals, clinics and medical facilities throughout the United States including the nations largest military medical facility and several of the nations most prominent healthcare systems.

Source: ICP Medical LLC