ICT Launches Online Chat Forum

Infection Control Today

has officially launched ICTalk, an online forum for the infection control community. Located at


, this free forum allows users to share information, ask questions and interact with other community members.

Participation involves a simple registration process in which new members create a username and password and provide an e-mail address. Then they receive a confirmation e-mail with a link that they must click in order to finish the registration process. It’s that simple.

Once registered, users can create new conversation threads, or can respond to existing threads. They can also ask questions and communicate with members one on one. There are many conversation topics, from pathogen issues, to career development, to keyboard contamination. Some “rooms” in the forum are for specific aspects of the infection prevention profession, such as environmental services or sterile processing, but all members can look and post in any room.

Conversation can be formal or informal, depending on what type of communication the user prefers. The main rule is that all communication must be civil.

ICTalk can help users vent frustrations, find information, and make contacts in their industry. To register: http://forum.infectioncontroltoday.com/register.php