Infection Control Technology Company HandInScan Closes Series A Funding Round

HandInScan Ltd., an innovative health technology company focusing on hand hygiene control, announces the closing of an investment of $1.45M by Perion Investment Fund. The proceeds will be used to expedite commercialization of HandInScan's flagship product, the Hand-in-Scan Medical Trainer, and to further develop its disruptive technology and service portfolio.

The benefits of HandInScan's innovative products and services are the increased compliance with hand sanitization, and significant reduction of healthcare-associated infections.
Dr. Tamas Haidegger, CEO of HandInScan, says, "We are proud to join forces with Perion Investment, whose team has great experience in supporting companies towards commercialization and shareholder's value creation. We are also very grateful to our early stage partner, DBH Investment, who supported the company from the concept and start-up phase through product development, up to this point where we are ready to commercialize our products and services portfolio. As a result, we were able to close a successful series A investment round."
Gabor Vitan, CEO of Perion Investment, says, "Having developed a disruptive technology ready for commercialization, HandInScan was a great match for our investment philosophy and strategy. Our team was very impressed with the product, the management and the advisory team as well. We believe that the next few years will be a turning point for the company, since the sector is foreseeing rapid transition and growth."   
Dr. Laszlo Urge, board member at DBH Investment and HandInScan, adds, "Teaming up with the professional team of Perion will be a good basis for continuing the corporate strategy. It also underlines that the early stage and high risk part of the corporate life cycle for HandInScan was managed successfully and professionally. From concepts to prototype and finally first product, the project was completed in 24 month. The product was validated in several healthcare set ups at different parts of the globe with over 16000 healthcare workers, and generated lots of interest. Perion can further support the next phase of HandInScan's life cycle when it will be turned from an R&D focused operation into a fully integrated health technology company. "
Source: HandInScan Ltd.