Infection Control Today - 01/2003: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY

January 1, 2003


TheBipolar Forcep Cleaner is designed for the safe and thorough washing ofcauterizing forceps. The cleaner may be assembled as a double brush with anautomatic depth guard or as two individual brushes with a depth guard. Themilled stainless steel bristles are designed to clean the most stubborn debriswhile the cleaning guard guides the insulation away from damage. (800) 521-6224or


CaviWipes Disinfecting Towelettes are designed to kill HBV in 3 minutes andTB in 5 minutes. CaviWipes are disposable towelettes pre-saturated with CaviCidesurface disinfectant cleaner that are convenient, durable, non-woven,non-abrasive towels that will not bunch up during use. They are recommended forall non-porous surfaces in the healthcare setting. (800) 841-1428 or


Tohelp clinicians provide optimal care for heavily draining wounds, 3M has createda line of foam dressings that are designed to offer more effective fluidmanagement. The foam dressings are available in adhesive and non-adhesive stylesand feature a fast-wicking, non-swelling polyurethane foam pad that preventsexudates pooling and migration onto surrounding tissue. A breathable filmbarrier helps prevent external contamination and exudates strike-through. (800)228-3957 or

Spectrum Surgical Insruments

SpectrumSurgical services the two most popular circumcision clamps, the Gomco and theMogen. The Gomco circumcision clamp comes in three sizes: 1.1cm, 1.3cm and 1.6cmand Spectrum sells all replacement parts separately. The Mogen clamp is producedin one size. (800) 444-5644


The new Medical Adhesive Remover is for use on surgical tapes, electrodeadhesives and much more. The product contains no petroleum distillates oracetone, and is designed to be non-flammable. The remover features a moisturizerto help reduce skin irritation and is water soluble. (800) 326-9044 or


Stryker instruments' Neptune Waste Management System is designed toincorporate fluid waste management and smoke evacuation in one compact unitwhile protecting staff from splash and smoke exposure. The system minimizes theneed for canisters and red bags while it reduces solid waste disposal costs. Theunit has a multi-port suction manifold as well as a rover control panel andvacuum indicator. (800) 323-7700


GreinerBio-One Vacuette introduces two new low-cost tube holders for use with itsVacuette plastic blood collection tubes. The sterile tube holder with lueradapter and non-sterile disposable tube holder are designed to lower the costassociated with reusable tube holders and meet OSHA requirements for single-use,disposable tube holders. Greiner's new tube holders are also suitable for usewith any manufacturer's evacuated blood collection tubes. (888) 286-3883 or