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The new Quick-Drain® Systems from Bemis provide safe andcost-effective disposal of liquid infectious waste. Waste is drained directlyinto the sanitary sewer at a rate of 500cc per second. Quick-Drain saves moneyby reducing red bag waste and eliminating per-use disposal costs such assolidifiers.

(800) 558-7651

Tronex Brand

Tronex Healthcare Industries has launched the latest in asuperior quality, breathable, fluid-impervious isolation gown. Made from PPSBbreathable material and breathable PE film, this 3- layered isolation gownprovides outstanding barrier protection against infectious agents while allowingthe wearer to feel cool and comfortable. Additional features include full frontand back coverage with knitted cuffs. An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, theTronex Brand stands for excellence in product quality and services.

(800) 833-1181


KARTZIME, is a premium detergent that utilizes the power ofenzymes in an alkaline solution. With its multi-tiered formulation of enzymes, KARTZIME removesall blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and protein, while its powerful alkalinesolution eliminates scale and mineral deposits left from hard water.

(800) 537-8463

Envirco Corp.

The Hospi-Gard® IsoClean® is a portable, self-contained,high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system designed to easily andeconomically be used as a positive-pressure clean air recirculating system or asa partial or complete exhausting system to create a negative-pressure isolationroom. The system meets OSHA and CDC TB guidelines. With speeds ranging from 550 to 800 CFM (935 to 1360 m3/hr),the IsoClean provides effective air filtration for a wide variety of room sizes.

(800) 545-6598

Hypoguard Futura Safety Syringe - New!

The newly released line of Futura Safety Syringes fromHypoguard, Inc. brings simplicity, performance and value. Upon completion ofmedication delivery, the needle automatically retracts into the barrel,minimizing exposure time and harboring the needle post retraction for safetransport and disposal. One-handed device operation keeps hands behind theneedle during procedures, and no recapping via accessory shields or sheaths isrequired. The proprietary safety mechanism disables the device after its singleuse. The syringes are OSHA compliant and latex-free.

(800) 818-8877 or

B. Braun

The Introcan Safety IV Catheter is designed to minimizeaccidental needlesticks without requiring user activation. A stainless steel clip shields the needle tip. A syringe canbe pre-attached to facilitate aspiration and injection during insertion.

(800) BBRAUN2 or


The Skytron/TSO3 125L Ozone Sterilizer uses oxygen in anatural process to manufacture its own sterilant, ozone. The 125L OzoneSterilizer is easy-to-use, sterilizing heat-sensitive instruments at lowtemperature using a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly processwith no toxic residuals.

(800) 759-8766 or

Sandel Medical Industries, LLC

Sandel Medical adds four new childrens designs to itsCorrect Site Tattoo marking system. These easy-to-use, patient-friendlytattoos help ensure that surgery is performed on the correct surgical site. All tattoos are latex-free and non-toxic. They comply withrecent JCAHO and AORN recommendations for correct site marking. Custom designsare also available.

(866) 764-3327 or

BD Directigen

BD Directigen Flu A+B detects and distinguishes influenza Avirus and influenza B virus with results in less than 15 minutes.  Differentiation of influenza A and B can help physiciansselect appropriate, cost-effective treatment. The assay provides highly accurateresults and may be used with a wide range of specimen types, including nasalswabs, throat swabs, and nasopharyngeal aspirates, washes or swabs.

(800) 675-0908 or

Sterilization By Design, Inc.

Sterilization By Design, Inc. introduces a handbook that showshow to apply the standards for Central Service to daily practice. It is awonderful supplement to a facilitys educational programs.

(317) 471-0156

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