Insights From the Clean Index Survey: Navigating Challenges in the Cleaning Industry


Clorox Pro's Clean Index Survey uncovers burnout and confidence challenges in cleaning professionals. The insights guide the industry towards solutions, emphasizing support and training for a resilient cleaning workforce.

The Clean Index Survey, conducted by Clorox Pro, has unveiled crucial insights into the challenges faced by the cleaning industry. In its second annual release, the survey aims to comprehensively understand the trends, issues, and perceptions within the sector. The primary objective is to provide valuable data that can guide the development of strategies and solutions to enhance the effectiveness of cleaning protocols.

Infection Control Today Topic of the Month: Mental Health

Infection Control Today Topic of the Month: Mental Health

To learn more about the Clean Index Survey and what it shows about how health care workers are feeling, Infection Control Today® (ICT®) spoke with Jordan Bastian, MPH, CIC, senior infection preventionist within CloroxPro’s Clinical and Scientific Affairs.

In the latest survey, which involved 1700 participants, including 700 cleaning professionals and 1000 consumers representing the general population in the US, several key trends and challenges have emerged. Notably, there is a pervasive issue of burnout among cleaning personnel, with a staggering 90% reporting feelings of burnout within the last two years. This prolonged state of burnout is attributed to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, placing considerable strain on both facilities and cleaning professionals.

“Facilities and cleaning personnel…we're battling burnout; we heard a lot about burnout during the pandemic,” Bastian said. “Unfortunately, it's not gone yet; We are still experiencing that fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. It's putting a lot of strain and stress on facilities, and especially these professional cleaners in environmental service workers are feeling as well; 90% of [health care workers], 9 out of 10 have said they've felt burnout within the last 2 years. That's a high number, it's a lot of stress, a lot of things being put onto these individuals.”

In the interview, Bastian also discusses a critical finding of the survey is the decline in confidence among cleaning professionals, in stark contrast to the increased confidence reported by consumers. This crisis in confidence is linked to factors such as burnout, staffing shortages, and inadequate training. A significant portion (22%) of respondents expressed a lack of training necessary for them to feel comfortable in executing their responsibilities. Moreover, the cleaning industry is facing heightened scrutiny, with 20% acknowledging increased scrutiny compared to previous periods.

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(Adobe Stock 622756217 by Nadia L/

These challenges pose serious implications for infection prevention protocols. The survey underscores the need for proactive measures to address burnout, boost confidence among cleaning professionals, and ensure adequate training. CloroxPro emphasizes the importance of ready-to-use disinfectants and wipes, providing effective solutions for environmental services. Additionally, the survey highlights the demand for high-quality training, with CloroxPro currently being the sole provider of accredited training for frontline cleaners.

Looking ahead, Bastian explains, the survey anticipates emerging challenges, especially with the potential for unknown infectious diseases. The emphasis is on preparedness, with the industry urged to stay informed about emerging threats and equip cleaning professionals with the necessary training and protocols.

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