Inviro Medical Devices and SafePro USA Enter Into Exclusive Marketing Agreement


ATLANTA   --  Inviro Medical Devices has entered into an exclusive, long-term agreement with SafePro USA and its parent company, Formosa Medical Devices, to sell, market, and distribute SafePro safety syringes in the U.S. and Canada.  SafePro's infection control products will be integrated into the Inviro Safety System, featuring the InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringe.

"Inviro Medical's access to existing SafePro accounts and distributor relationships enhances our business," says Gareth Clarke, CEOof Inviro Medical Devices.  "SafePro's product development and manufacturing capabilities, established since 2002, coupled with our complementary channel strategy, make this ideal for numerous constituents." 

Among the advantages Clarke identifies:

-- Healthcare providers gain improved access to a wider range of products that

   deliver enhanced infection control and protection from needlestick injuries.

-- The marketplace benefits from a consolidation of manually retractable technology


-- A broader spectrum of healthcare facilities, acute and alternate care, will now

   receive access to the latest in safety syringe technology. 

Michael Atkinson, former president of SafePro, joins Inviro Medical Devices as executive vice president of distributor sales and will focus on growing existing relationships with major distributors addressing the alternate care market, including Henry Schein, PSS, McKesson and NDC.  Such efforts balance Inviro Medical's historic emphasis on the acute care market and will enable its innovative infection control products to expand into physicians' offices, surgical centers, and long-term care facilities.

"At Inviro, I know I'm backed by an impressive management team with a track record of taking breakthrough healthcare products to market," says Atkinson.  "In addition, the company has significant infrastructure and access to venture capital, as well as a very strong intellectual property position in the manually retractable segment."    

Six years after safety syringe use was mandated in the U.S., a 2006 independent nationwide study of directors of infection control and nurses, reveal that needlestick injuries continue to be a major concern, affect the vast majority of nurses and there is a clear need for improved safety syringes.  These sentiments were echoed during a recent roundtable event, "The Inviro Initiative: Evaluating the State of Needlestick Prevention," where advocates deemed retro-fitted infection control devices as cumbersome or difficult to operate, and suggested designing a syringe from scratch with input from those who use it. 

The Inviro Safety System -- and its flagship infection control product, the InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringe that was invented by a nurse -- includes safety syringes and needleless access devices that replace conventional syringes.  The InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe creates a significant new segment -- manually retractable technology -- in the safety syringe market.  "Unlike most safety syringes that are retro-fitted with add-on pieces, the safety feature in our product is integral to the design," says Clarke.     

Source: Inviro Medical Devices




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