Key Surgical Announces STERRAD Sterilization System Validation for Products

Key Surgical announces that its Breakaway Tags, Case Locking Tags, Instrument Sleeves, K-Wire and Pin Covers, Locking Tags, Scope Tags, Smart Tags, Surgical Tray Corner Protectors, and Write-On Tags are now validated for use in STERRAD® Sterilization Systems. In addition, the products have been approved for functionality and material compatibility for the standard cycle in the STERRAD® 100NX® System , standard and advanced cycles in the STERRAD® NX® System, short and long cycles (long cycle available only outside the U.S.) in the STERRAD® 100S System, and all cycles in the STERRAD® 200 and STERRAD® 50 Systems. 

Lena Cordie, director of operations, says, “We are excited to have partnered with Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) in validating our products with STERRAD® Sterilization Systems. This method, in addition to traditional steam and EO sterilization methods, increases options for healthcare facilities to continue to implement efficient, cost-effective and safe solutions for their sterile processing departments.”

Source: Key Surgical