Kimberly-Clark Launches New Surgical Products Portfolio

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Kimberly-Clark Health Care announces the launch of its expanded surgical products portfolio which includes new surgical gowns, drapes and packs. The portfolio was unveiled at the annual AORN Congress held last week in Anaheim, Calif.

“What we’ve heard from caregivers again and again is the need for reliable and cost-effective surgical gowns and drapes for use during shorter duration and lower fluid procedures, with high quality being a key component to that equation,” said John Amat, vice president of global sales and marketing for Kimberly-Clark Health Care. “For that reason, we’ve expanded our surgical gown and drape portfolio and introduced a new line of cost-effective surgical gowns and drapes that caregivers can depend on to deliver consistent performance during shorter duration and lower fluid procedures.”

Kimberly-Clark has organized its gowns, drapes and packs into three performance classes for the widest selection and access to the right products for the right procedures at the right price.

The new KC100 line offers reliable, cost-effective sterile and non-sterile protection for everyday use during lower-fluid, shorter procedures.  KC 100 Surgical Gowns are designed to meet industry performance standards and feature SMS fabric for barrier protection, choice of sizes, set-in sleeves and hook-and-loop closures. KC 100 Surgical Drapes provide reliable protection for common surgical applications.   Featuring simple, flexible and easy-to-use designs, KC 100 Surgical Drapes include equipment covers and meet industry standards for flame resistance.  KC 100 Surgical Packs will be offered for a range of basic procedures needs.

The KC 200 line delivers the right balance of properties to keep healthcare workers protected and comfortable for use during a wide range of surgical procedures. KC 200 Surgical Gowns meet AORN standards for fluid-, flame- and lint-resistance and are made with comfortable SMS fabric that protects from blood strikethrough. Raglan or set-in sleeves are available with reinforced or non-reinforced fabric. KC 200 Surgical Drapes are designed for safety and convenience with many user-friendly features and offer the optimum balance of properties in drapes. Designed for hundreds of different procedures, KC 200 Surgical Drapes have maximum flame resistance; resist tearing, strikethrough and abrasion; and low-linting properties that reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.  KC200 Surgical Packs are offered for a full range of procedures.

The KC 300 line offers best-in-class protection in the OR. KC 300 Surgical gowns such as the market-leading ULTRA and MICROCOOL* gowns protect wearers during longer, more invasive and fluid-intensive procedures.  KC 300 Gowns feature optimum balance of properties for comfort, fluid, flame and lint resistance, as well as optional SECURE-FIT* technology to reduce surgical glove slip-down.  In addition, MICROCOOL* gowns offer breathable impervious fabric providing the highest level of protection, while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. The KC300 Surgical Gowns have the widest choice of configurations, sizes and lengths available, and with the Kimberly-Clark* Color-Key System, caregivers can be sure they are selecting the right gown for the right procedure. KC 300 Surgical Drapes feature heavy-duty fabric designed for longer, high-fluid procedures that eliminates the need for costly drape layering.  KC 300 Surgical Drapes also meet the maximum rating for flame resistance and help to prevent abrasion and lint contamination.  KC 300 Surgical Packs include MICROCOOL* and ULTRA gowns and ORTHOARTS* and CVARTS* drapes.

In addition to gowns and drapes, K-C’s surgical bundle offers optimal protection through a range of innovative solutions including the KIMBERLY-CLARK* Patient Warming System, InteguSeal* Microbial Sealant and Sterilization Wrap, as well as valuable services such as educational resources and in-depth account support.

“We are proud to be able to offer superior products for infection prevention at every level,” said Amat. “The new surgical portfolio complements our offerings for the OR and supports our goal of helping caregivers win the fight against surgical site infections.”

Source: Kimberly-Clark Health Care