Kimberly-Clark Professional Launches Touchless Skin Care System


Proving that major innovations can indeed go hand-in-hand, Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a touchless skin care system and a luxurious Kleenex brand foam soap, designed to provide the ultimate handwashing experience. The Electronic Cassette Skin Care System is available with a complete line of Kleenex brand luxury foam skin cleansers, including a fragrance and dye-free Green Seal™-certified formulation, antibacterial, E-2 rated and instant hand sanitizers.

The system is designed to be reliable, easy to use and install and hygienic. It helps reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs via touchless dispensing and a sealed soap system that prevents contamination of the soap itself by bacteria, a problem associated with 25 percent of unsealed bulk soap systems.

The Electronic Cassette Skin Care System also reduces waste through controlled dispensing – delivering just the right amount of foam soap for a single hand wash each time it is used.  Used cassettes are easily recycled after the pump is removed. Other benefits include a long battery life that allows for 60,000 single uses before batteries need to be changed, as well as low-battery and low-product indicators that signal when maintenance is required.



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