Leading Medical Device Reprocessing Company Becomes Ascent Healthcare Solutions; Alliance Medical Corporation and Vanguard Medical Concepts Merger Complete


PHOENIX -- Alliance Medical Corporation and Vanguard Medical Concepts announce that they have become Ascent Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a leading independent third-party reprocessor of single-use medical devices (SUDs). This marks the final step in the union of the two companies following the announced merger last fall.

Ascent Healthcare Solutions was selected as the new name because it reflects the companys leadership in the reprocessing industry and its ascending position as a key provider of overall savings solutions for its healthcare partners. The Ascent symbolan asymmetrical series of interlocking angles that form a trianglerepresents results,

integrity and quality, the three core values of the new company that work together to provide measurable results for its partners.

Ascent Healthcare Solutions will rise in importance as a key player in our partners drive to achieve their financial and quality goals, stated Arthur Goodrich, vice president of marketing for Ascent. The new brand is fresh and unique with a design that is dynamic and unconventional. As Ascent, we will actively promote the environmental contributions of our partners, which is why we have chosen environmental colors to connote this important message.

Company management and staff worked meticulously to develop a vision, values and purpose that truly represent the new entitys principles and goals. Branding firm Six Degrees of Scottsdale, Ariz. was retained to help develop and design Ascents corporate identity and logo.

By introducing Ascent Healthcare Solutions as the new brand, we are providing our customers and employees with a reliable name they can recognize and trust, said Goodrich. With the new brand, we have taken the final step to becoming one company, which enables us to deliver our customers top service and maximum value through a growing product line.

The Ascent name and logo will immediately begin to appear on both Lakeland and Phoenix facilities as well as the companys collection systems at customer locations. Ascents new Web site (www.ascenths.com) is available now with more depth and content to be added in the coming months.

Ascent represents close to half of the hospital in the U.S. and those that are committed to safely reducing their non-salary, supply costs and environmental waste through medical device reprocessing. Ascent will continue to provide its partners with more available products, enhanced customer support and training levels, with guaranteed quality and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance.

In the coming year, Ascent expects to help its customers save in excess of $92 million in supply expenses, which may be redirected to patient services. Ascent has already begun providing healthcare partners with additional reprocessing savings opportunities as a result of the merger. The first cross-saving product opportunity is expected to save Ascent customers over $7.6 million this year alone. Ascent remains focused on providing its customers with unparalleled opportunities to promote environmental stewardship and expects to eliminate more than 7,000 tons of medical waste from the nations landfills annually.

Source: Ascent Healthcare Solutions

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