Medication Reminder Helps AIDS Patients

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Patients who are overwhelmed by the number of medications they must take daily to fight diseases, such as AIDS, are finding relief with the ALRT Med Reminder.

The medication reminder prompts patients when to take their medications and to take them as prescribed. A group of healthcare officials, Piedmont Medical Specialists, have tried the device with AIDS patients. Of the 30 participants, the feedback has positive.

"The Med Reminder is very helpful to our patients to remind them to take their medications as prescribed. Ad it's really user-friendly - our patients are not challenged or put off by it in any way," says Stan Link, MD, senior partner with Piedmont. "We plan to initiate a program soon in which all our patients have an opportunity to receive the product."

Complying with medications seems to be an issue for patients on multiple drugs. Link says this device provides the necessary encouragement to follow the prescription.

"If patients fail to take their medications on a regular basis, then they may not achieve the intended benefits. The result can be severe complications or even death. As surprising as it may seem, and even when considering the potentially severe outcomes, patients often forget to take their medications on a regular basis or forget to take them at all."

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