Metrix Group Launches Comprehensive Online Store

Metrix Group, a distributor of  Class 1 surgical equipment products, announces the launch of its comprehensive, user-friendly online store, designed to provide the hospital, surgery center and trauma center communities with quick, easy and affordable access to the tools of their trade.

Our management team members each have decades of experience working with hospital and trauma personnel at all levels, says M. Ross Simmonds, Metrix president and CEO.  One of the things weve been hearing repeatedly for years is the desire for an affordable one-stop-shop where instantly recognizable products can be purchased at any quantity large or small by supply chain personnel and practitioners.

Simmonds added that Metrix products are identical in materials, dimensions and quality to the instruments and disposables commonly considered industry-wide gold standards the difference being more budget-friendly price points and products that can literally be ordered by the each.  This means that customers need not purchase minimum bulk quantities of product; they can now purchase exactly what they need from Metrixs intuitive, easy-to-navigate site.

In a situation where a surgeon uses a specialized blade maybe once or twice per year, purchasing in bulk is a costly, burdensome way to go, says Simmonds.  With Metrix Group products, our customers have the option of ordering a single replacement blade, making inventory control much simpler. We also offer a broad choice of shipping options so that product delivery can be timed to arrive when a customer needs it, as soon as the next day.  Were proud to be able to offer our customers exactly what they need exactly when they need it.

All Metrix Group products are sold packaged single sterile.  In addition to Metrixs discounted pricing, Metrix products free the customer from the need to sterilize product on premises.  Reduction in sterilization costs, liability and manpower equals additional value for the money.

Establishing a customer account with Metrix can be done by phone or online and will provide site users preferred access to discounted pricing. Metrixs convenient web ordering system eliminates the costs associated with issuing purchase orders.  First-time customers can simply fill out an application for an account online and be placing orders within 24 hours.