Microflex XCEED Debuts as Certified Ergonomic Disposable Examination Glove

Microflex Corporation, a subsidiary of BarrierSafe Solutions International® (BSSI), announces that XCEED® nitrile disposable examination gloves are the first glove to receive an ergonomic certification.

In a comprehensive study completed by U.S. Ergonomics, the leader in ergonomic testing and certifications in the US, XCEED® gloves showed a marked reduction in muscle effort compared to a leading competitive glove, when performing various manipulations. XCEED® gloves outperformed bare-hands requiring less muscle effort during the same manipulations.

"Reducing muscle exertion can have a significant positive impact for disposable examination glove wearers as there is a link between prolonged hand fatigue and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other hand injuries," says Mike Schoen, senior market manager, medical markets. "Since our initial launch of XCEED. These conditions are painful, reduce productivity and can shorten working careers especially in occupations where wearing disposable examination gloves is an essential requirement including dentists, hygienists, healthcare workers, scientists, etc. The number of people impacted by hand fatigue is staggering. It is estimated that over 50 percent of dental professionals have reported experiencing hand fatigu.," 

XCEED® is exclusively made with Avantex, a proprietary formulation developed by Microflex, which delivers outstanding strength with comfort rivaling natural latex. The combination of Avantex polymer technology and state of the art manufacturing techniques delivers exceptionally consistent gloves with the lowest pinhole rates in the industry. XCEED® gloves have set the standard with pinhole rates that are nearly 75 percent below the already stringent level set by the FDA for examination gloves, and more than 50 percent lower than the FDA allowable levels set for surgical gloves.