National Fit Testing Services to Expand In-Service Training Program


National Fit Testing Services (NFTS) announces an expanded in-service training program to help first responders and other healthcare workers meet OSHA respiratory protection standards. Any medical facility dealing with airborne infectious disease can benefit from this comprehensive on-site training program.

Fit testing of respiratory masks and devices are designed to insure a proper seal is achieved, and when directions are properly followed, users enjoy enhanced protection from those occupational diseases caused by breathing contaminated air. OSHA regulations require annual "fit testing" of all employees who are required to wear a respirator while on the job.

"National Fit Test has assembled a team of specialists to travel throughout the country and conduct comprehensive training programs to ensure OSHA compliance and more importantly, help healthcare facilities protect their employees," says Linda Lane, manager of business development at National Fit Testing Services. "This wide-ranging service results in facilities shielding their staff from infection while shielding themselves from costly OSHA fines."

National Fit Testing Services' technicians perform onsite qualitative or quantitative fit testing and training of employees as well as provide detailed testing compliance documentation. OSHA CFR 1910.134 mandates that the following protocols be followed in all healthcare facilities when exposure to airborne diseases is possible:

- Written respiratory protection program

- Employee medical evaluations

- Annual fit testing and training

- Annual PAPR training

- Annual program evaluation

- Record-keeping

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