National Hyperbaric Rehab Center and Cirrus Health to Open Advanced Wound Care Departments at Two Hospitals

SALT LAKE CITY -- National Hyperbaric Rehab Center Inc. (NHRC) has completed preliminary talks with Cirrus Health of Trophy Club, Texas, and have agreed to move forward and examine the steps needed to prepare the contracts to open hospital departments at two of Cirrus Health's hospitals. The new departments will feature advanced wound care and advanced hyperbaric oxygen treatments. National Hyperbaric Rehab Center Inc. and Cirrus Health anticipate adding more hospital departments to these first two over the next 18 months.

Founded in 1999, Cirrus Health is a healthcare development and management company. Specializing in ambulatory surgery centers, multi-specialty and single specialty surgical hospitals, Cirrus Health is building a new model in the healthcare industry to deliver superior patient care. By partnering with local physicians and other healthcare providers in communities, Cirrus and its partners work together to provide the highest-quality patient care in modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

The National Hyperbaric Rehab Center Department will feature advanced treatments for difficult to heal and non-healing wounds found primarily among diabetics with failing or deteriorating vascular systems. The prescriptions of high concentrations of oxygen cause the body to grow new capillaries which then carries more blood to the wound site and the body's ability to heal is enhanced.

This advanced treatment protocol is used in conjunction with other mainstream medical solutions including irrigrants, wet debrider dressing, enzyme debriders, antibiotic ointments, hydrogels, absorbants, silver agents, hydrocolloids, foams, growth promoters, occlusive transparent films, barrier agents, analgesic creams, secondary dressings, wraps, and compression wraps.

Source: National Hyperbaric Rehab Center Inc.