Nelson Laboratories Acquires Building to Accommodate Growth

Nelson Laboratories announces the acquisition of a new building adjacent to its current facilities that will accommodate immediate and future requirements for capacity and new capabilities.

Nelson Laboratories continues to grow and expand, says Jeffery R. Nelson, president and CEO of Nelson Laboratories. This building acquisition will provide increased space to meet the growing demands of our clients, and will also allow us to add more of what our clients need.

Much of Nelsons growth has been fueled by increased investment in new medical technology, changes in industry guidance and increased regulatory expectations. The testing done at Nelson Laboratories directly supports the development and production of safe medical devices, tissue, drugs, cosmetics and natural products.

The newly acquired 12,000-square-foot building is under renovation to bring it up to Nelson Laboratories rigorous specification. This location will be used to add additional sterilizers used in validation testing, aging chambers for packaging testing and additional space for testing products designed for reuse (such as cleaning, disinfection and steam sterilization of tools, kits or scopes used in hospitals).

Renovation of the new building will be completed in April. New equipment installation is scheduled for April and May. Operations will begin in May.