New Logo, Tagline and Website Boost Brand Awareness for PDI Healthcare

Award-winning advertising agency Barker DZP has completed the rebranding of PDI Healthcare, a global leader in infection prevention leading to a 55 percentage point increase in brand awareness among the company's core audience of potential customers in 2013 vs. 2010. Under the inspirational tagline Be the Difference, the new logo and branding align with PDI's mission to fight preventable infections and help save lives. The rebranding helped PDI better communicate its identity as a leading brand in the fight against preventable infections through its advanced products, research and development techniques, clinical support, training and education.

"PDI Healthcare is a visionary company and they wanted their brand to reflect that," says John Barker, president and chief idea officer of Barker DZP. "Working very collaboratively with the client, we created not just a new set of graphics, but a new way of thinking, one that helps each and every person the brand touches to realize that they can be the difference in saving someone's life, every day. I think it's the most important work we've ever done as a firm."

"Barker DZP's work in capturing and activating our corporate vision has been remarkable, from humanizing our logo, to creating such a powerful positioning line in Be the Difference, to the advertising work and the new website," says Aime Lenz, vice president of marketing for PDI. "The results and ROI have been amazing, and the new brand identity has affected every aspect of our company and our market. Our employees feel empowered with a sense of purpose they're not making products, they're helping to save lives."

The PDI rebranding campaign was rolled out in phases and included a new corporate logo and tagline launched in June 2012, a new advertising campaign initiated in July 2012, new packaging in April 2013 and new corporate website,, which launched in June 2013 and has been shortlisted for the FWA Awards. All marketing materials and packaging were also updated to reflect the new brand identity. The campaign received a prestigious Rx Award in 2012, and this year is a finalist for the International B2B Awards as well as the OMMA Awards.

Source: PDI