New Quick Check Solution Offers Visual Reassurance that Sterile Wrap is Intact


Kimberly-Clark Health Care announces the availability of the new KIMGUARD One-Step Quick Check Sterilization Wrap. The new sterilization wrap provides users with rapid visual reassurance that the wrap is free from tears, cuts and holes, and confirms that sterility is intact. Kimberly-Clark Health Care will also provide comprehensive support for customers who have expressed an interest in, and are committed to, wrap recycling through a new program called Blue ReNew.

Kimberly-Clark KIMGUARD One-Step Quick Check Sterilization Wrap securely joins a blue wrap layer with a white layer so users can quickly and easily identify if sterility has been breached without adding additional steps to the inspection process.  Quick Check also features PowerGuard Technology to provide superior protection against contamination, making it one of the best microbial barriers available. This is in addition to the benefits long-offered by KIMGUARD* One-Step* Sterilization Wrap, which delivers the protection of double-wrapping in a single step, ultimately saving valuable time in the operating room (OR).  

"The addition of Quick Check* Sterilization Wrap to the Kimberly-Clark Health Care sterilization wrap product line speaks to our long-standing heritage of providing innovative products to meet and exceed our customers' needs," says Kelly Holt, global product manager, Kimberly-Clark Health Care. "Quick Check* allows for improved confidence in ensuring sterility, which is critical to safe and efficient procedures in the OR."

Since 2010, Kimberly-Clark has been conducting a pilot program to understand the needs of hospitals around recycling sterilization wrap. The company is introducing a new program called Blue ReNew* to bring interested hospitals a systematized approach to wrap recycling.

According to Jane Hart, sustainability leader for Kimberly-Clark Health Care, "Blue ReNew is designed to help hospitals organize the process of recycling their wrap into five achievable stages and the program can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility. The Kimberly-Clark Blue ReNew Team will work with hospitals to identify key recycling partners, train OR teams and measure results to achieve a sustainable wrap recycling program."

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