New RFID Tag Withstands Sterilization Processes Required for Surgical Equipment

AeroScout introduces a Wi-Fi RFID Tag for tracking surgical equipment through its entire lifecycle from sterilization to the operating room. AeroScouts Autoclave Tags are designed to withstand rigorous sterilization processes including ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure liquid sterilization and steam autoclaving. The combination of these new tags with AeroScouts Healthcare RTLS solution allows hospitals to improve staff efficiency, automate inventory management and optimize operating room workflow.

The AeroScout Autoclave Tag attaches to and tracks surgical instrument trays and other equipment as they progress through the numerous stages of preparation for surgical procedures and then through the perioperative process. After every use, surgical equipment requires thorough sterilization, often including an autoclave. Therefore, the AeroScout Tag needs to repeatedly withstand extreme conditions.

Using AeroScouts Healthcare Asset Tracking and Management solution, hospital staff can quickly locate and determine the status of items throughout the sterilization and perioperative processes, significantly reducing the time spent searching for the instruments or equipment required for a procedure. Real-time visibility ensures that critical items are available when needed, thereby increasing staff satisfaction, shortening operating room preparation time and increasing throughput. In addition, automated inventory management of surgical trays in multiple locations is continually maintained, enabling better planning and scheduling of activities.

The AeroScout Autoclave Tag handles temperatures of 135° C (275° F) and pressures from vacuum up to 35 PSI experienced during cleaning and sterilization, which involves steam, high temperatures, high pressures and vacuums. In addition, the tag is designed to deliver a battery life of two years and withstand the harsh conditions of hundreds of sterilization cycles.

Proper sterilization of surgical instruments is imperative for patient safety, and the new tag is a valuable extension of AeroScouts overall solution for operating rooms that improves operational efficiency and patient care. AeroScouts solution set is robust and includes staff and patient tracking throughout key milestones, wireless temperature monitoring of refrigeration units, humidity monitoring of surgery and patient rooms, asset management of medical equipment and patient and staff safety applications.

"The Autoclave Tag is a natural evolution of AeroScouts offerings, and further expands our value for high acuity areas such as perioperative departments," says Gabi Daniely, vice president of marketing and product strategy at AeroScout. "As with all AeroScout solutions, this new tag leverages a hospitals standard Wi-Fi network, which reduces cost and deployment time, and increases the value of existing infrastructure. Thus, AeroScout is not only helping improve clinical workflow and operational efficiency, but were doing it in a cost-effective manner."