New Scope Enhances Visual Instrument Inspection

Healthmark Industries Co., Inc. announces the addition of the Flexible Inspection Scope to its Prosys Optical Inspection line of products. The Flexible Inspection Scope includes a distal tip composed of a light source and camera lens at the end of a 50cm, flexible shaft. Designed for instruments 3.2mm in diameter or larger. The camera and light are powered by the USB connection on a PC.

Compatible with both Windows XP and Windows 7, the included software allows viewing and recording from most computers. Paired with the optional Flex Arm, the Flexible Inspection Scope can be securely fastened to a work stations to free both hands for manipulation of the scope and the target medical device. It is the perfect tool to visually inspect any device after cleaning, particularly those with internal channels and lumens.

Source: Healthmark Industries Co., Inc.