New Website Launched to Promote the Facts on Antibacterial Soaps


Consumers, researchers and regulators have a new website at their fingertips for fact-based, meaningful information on antibacterial soaps and ingredients: The site is a joint project of the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI, formerly The Soap and Detergent Association) and the Personal Care Products Council, which have member companies who produce or supply antibacterial soaps, washes and ingredients.

We are proud to launch as a reliable, fact-based resource on antibacterial soaps and ingredients, says Brian Sansoni, ACIs vice president of communication. This site contains information on the science behind the safety and effectiveness of these products that are used by millions of Americans every single day.

Surveys show that a majority of Americans use and benefit from antibacterial soaps on a daily basis, whether its in homes, hospitals, restaurants, day care centers or workplaces, says Kathleen Dezio, executive vice president of public affairs and communications for the Personal Care Products Council.  This support remains strong even in the face of a relentless flow of misinformation about these products over the last several years. contains factsheets on antibacterial soaps and ingredients; information on how these products are regulated; a summary of research and data showcasing their safe and effective use; and news updates and links to relevant articles concerning antibacterial soaps and ingredients.

Antibacterial ingredients have been reviewed, regulated, and researched by agencies around the world for more than 40 years, Sansoni adds. They are globally accepted as safe for daily use and are scientifically proven germ killers that help to reduce the chance of infection.  Every day, doctors and hospitals use these products to help prevent the spread of germs to patients and hospital staff. will be a continuously updated resource for those individuals interested in having an informed perspective on antibacterial soaps and ingredients, Dezio adds.


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