Noxilizer Expands Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization Product Line


Noxilizer, Inc. and SAIAN Corporation announce Noxilizers asset acquisition of SAIAN Corporation. Both companies have been involved in developing nitrogen dioxide as a sterilization solution for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, as well as hospitals. The strategic acquisition is intended to strengthen the global effort to promote acceptance and growth of nitrogen dioxide sterilization as a powerful and less-expensive alternative to current sterilization methods.

Nitrogen dioxide sterilization technology represents one of the more important
innovations in medical device sterilization in more than 20 years. As a room temperature sterilization alternative to ethylene oxide (EO), gamma and hydrogen peroxide, Noxilizer provides an option for companies to save significant costs by safely sterilizing in-house, allowing inventory release in just hours versus days. Other benefits provided by nitrogen dioxide sterilization include: a true room temperature process, improved materials compatibility, much faster cycle time and no concerns about residuals.

Noxilizers acquisition of SAIAN Corporation assets will immediately bring an expanded line of NO2 sterilization products to our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device markets," says Lawrence Bruder, president and CEO of Noxilizer, Inc. "SAIANs unique approach to providing sterilizers with onboard sterilant generation and abatement capability offers great advantages in room-temperature sterilization which we believe will greatly benefit our customers. We are excited about the opportunity to introduce breakthrough sterilization technology as a means to improve customer productivity and build shareholder value. The agreement also establishes Noxilizer as a global player in the life science sterilization market, including the important Japanese market."

"We are very excited to bring a strong product contribution to Noxilizer. Noxilizer has already developed a presence in the market and is generating revenue. The
engineering team in Japan looks forward to working together, says Ryuichi Iwasaki, formerly CEO of SAIAN and now general manager of Noxilizer Japan KK. Iwasaki will lead the team in Japan and report to Lawrence Bruder.

SAIAN Corporations leading investor since inception is the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan. We believe in the power of nitrogen dioxide sterilization and the ability to impact the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device markets. The potential for both companies to be successful increases when they work as one. Our investment team has great confidence in the leadership and looks forward to continuously investing in the potential of nitrogen dioxide sterilization enabled by Noxilizer and combined with SAIAN assets, together with a wider range of investment groups in the US and Japan, says Tomotaka (Tommy) Goji, managing partner and president of UTEC.

Noxilizers headquarters will continue to be in Baltimore, Md. Noxilizer Japan KK is a newly formed subsidiary located in Wakayama-shi, Japan.

Source: Noxilizer, Inc.


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