Noxilizer Licenses Sterilization Technology to Eniware for Developing World Market

Noxilizer, Inc. and Eniware LLC announce an agreement to develop portable, power-independent medical device sterilization units for the developing world, disaster response and military markets. Noxilizer is licensing its proprietary nitrogen dioxide sterilization technology. Eniware will be responsible for the development, manufacturing and commercialization of this product line.

Infection and disease transmission in clinics and hospitals afflict millions in the developing world. Sterile medical instruments can mean the difference between life and death. Reported healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates in developing countries range from 15 percent to 40 percent or more. This problem only grows as access to healthcare grows, particularly with the expansion of simple, basic surgery in under-resourced settings. Potentially lifesaving procedures tragically cripple or kill millions of men, women, and children due to lack of affordable, effective sterilization of medical equipment.

With the introduction of power-independent sterilization units, there is an opportunity to reduce the incidence of infection and save lives anywhere, at any time.

This licensing agreement further validates Noxilizers technology and its importance in solving a variety of sterilization needs including the most challenging of environments. Our partnership with Eniware will enable sterilization solutions that improve the quality of medical care and reduce the incidence of infection for people who do not have immediate access to a fully equipped hospital, says Lawrence Bruder, president and CEO of Noxilizer, Inc.

As a physician, I know how important the sterilization issue is in any medical setting, and especially in the developing world, disaster areas and on the battlefield. The opportunity to use my medical and business experience to solve this problem is the opportunity of a lifetime, says James Bernstein, MD, president and CEO of Eniware LLC.

Eniware is in the process of finalizing funding for the development effort. Potential customers include: global health organizations, governments of developing countries, global first responder organizations, and militaries.

Noxilizer has a unique and superior NO2-based sterilization technology that is revolutionizing two major sterilization markets medical device/pharmaceutical/biotechnology manufacturing and hospitals. In the manufacturing market, Noxilizer provides sterilization services for next-generation medical devices and drug/device combination products.