NVISIA Provides Objective Assessment for Sterigenics' Automated Sterilization Process

NVISIA, a software development partner with a 22-year history of connecting business innovation with emerging software technology, announces a successful engagement with Sterigenics. NVISIA provided a tailored third-party assessment focusing on the testability and maintainability of Sterigenics' VeriCycle Automated Process Verification solution designed to validate the sterilization cycle prior to shipment.  

Providing sterilization services for medical equipment requires a level of trust that is unparalleled by many industries. Should the verification of the sterilization process be compromised, resulting in a unit being shipped prior to completing a successful cycle, the effects could be disastrous. Sterigenics needed a qualified and objective outside firm with a strong software development background to inspect the design, architecture and code to provide assurance that the solution would be reliable, available and supportable. With a collaborative approach, NVISIA provided hands-on advice and expertise to ensure Sterigenics was fully equipped to promptly address any short-term issues as well as maintain and improve the software in the long-term. NVISIA helped Sterigenics establish stronger policies around release management and automated unit testing, while exploring potential long-term business requirements and suggested enhancements that could be implemented as appropriate to support expansion in the future.

Michael W. Smith, vice president of information technology for Sterigenics, notes, "It was incredible to see a project come in on time and under budget while delivering great results. NVISIA provided a solid approach and capable resources in performing our assessment while maintaining an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, without pushing for extraneous features or additional services." 

Source: NVISIA