Optim LLC Releases Rapicide Peracetic Acid Compatible ENTityXL Nasopharyngoscope

Optim LLC announces that its ENTityXL LED Nasopharyngoscope is now material compatible with the single-use, environmentally friendly Rapicide PA peracetic acid high-level disinfectant when using the Medivators Advantage Plus Automated Endoscope Reprocessor.

Optim tests material compatibility up to 1,000 cycles to replicate two years of processing. Optim stands behind the ENTityXL by offering a two-year warranty.
"By expanding the ENTityXL's disinfection options we are able to reach a larger customer base, and being compatible with Rapicide HLD and Medivators AER is a great opportunity for Optim," says Paul Joyce, CEO of Optim LLC.

Source: Optim LLC