OraSure Technologies Receives Award for OraQuick HCV Rapid Antibody Test

OraSure Technologies, Inc. announces that the editors of Popular Science have named the OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test one of the top technology innovations of 2010. As a winner of a Best of Whats New Award, the OraQuick HCV Rapid Antibody Test was recognized for its technology and being the first ever rapid, point-of-care test approved by the FDA for the detection of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus (HCV).


We are honored to be recognized by Popular Science magazine as an innovative company that is making revolutionary strides to help identify more at risk individuals infected with hepatitis C, says Douglas A. Michels, president and CEO of OraSure Technologies. This award is a reflection of the passion and commitment of our employees, partners and customers in the fight against hepatitis C.


Each year, the editors of Popular Science review thousands of products in search of the top 100 tech innovations of the year; breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. The winners the Best of What's New are awarded inclusion in the December issue of Popular Science, the most widely read issue of the year.


The OraQuick HCV test was approved in June by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use with venous whole blood specimens.  Following approval, the company submitted in July an additional application to the FDA for approval with a fingerstick blood sample using the OraQuick HCV test.


In the U.S., there are an estimated 4.1 million Americans, or 1.6 percent of the population, that are or have been infected with HCV. On a worldwide basis, there are an estimated 180 million people who are chronically infected with HCV, with an estimated 3 to 4 million individuals newly infected each year. According to the World Health Organization, most cases of HCV infection are currently undiagnosed and up to 80 percent of HCV-positive individuals show no signs or symptoms.