OSAP Joins Forces With JCDA to Bring Infection Prevention Resources to Canadian Dental Professionals

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) is joining forces with the Canadian Dental Association and its Journal of the Canadian Dental Association Oasis program to bring infection prevention resources to Canadian dental professionals.

Recently, the JCDA underwent a metamorphosis into JCDA Oasis (online advice and searchable information system). The web-based Oasis combines a peer-reviewed journal, a chairside clinical decision support tool and a blog site, Oasis Discussion, where clinicians questions are answered. The program is designed to facilitate dental engagement and discussion around credible clinical content.

Dr. John OKeefe, Canadian Dental Associations director of knowledge networks and member of the OSAP board of directors, proposed the partnership, suggesting OSAP become a contributing organization for infection control. He is developing a team of experts in all clinical areas for JCDA Oasis, and plans to repackage question/answers portions of the Oasis Discussions blog into papers.

Among other things, JCDA Oasis aims to answer the burning clinical questions on the minds of Canadian dentists and their team members, says OKeefe. OSAP has an amazing wealth of responses to such questions, in the area of patient safety. With Dr. Nita Mazurat providing the link between Oasis and OSAP, we will ensure that the expertise of OSAP is brought to Canadian dental team members in an appropriate manner though JCDA Oasis. Canadian dental team members will also develop enhanced awareness of the great resources they can access by becoming members of the OSAP community.

An OSAP member, Mazurat has been tasked with repurposing the wealth of information OSAP has gathered and responded to over the years through frequently asked questions by their members, to ensure the content is applicable and consistent with Canadian needs.

"One of our major challenges for infection prevention and control in Canada is lack of a central venue to share our information, says Mazurat. The Oasis/OSAP collaboration is providing a welcome and necessary platform for overcoming this challenge.  Kudos to the foresight and passion of O'Keefe for recognizing how important it is for oral healthcare providers to be able to have these resources at their fingertips.  Therese Long and the OSAP board members are to be commended for their generosity and willingness to share their resources from the culture of safety they have developed tirelessly over many years.  I extend my gratitude to both groups for including me in this bold, exciting co-operative adventure."