PCI Medical Announces New Spill Kits

PCI Medical announces the addition of two new spill kits for high-level disinfectants. One kit is specifically designed for aldehyde spills (glutaraldehyde and OPA) and the other kit is to be used for hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid spills.

According to OSHA and ANSI standards, all high-level disinfectant spills, including drips and splashes, need to be cleaned immediately because they create a rapid increase in toxic vapors. All guidelines, regardless of the type of the disinfectant, recommend the use of PPE and a container. PCIs new water-resistant bucket conveniently stores the spill supplies and it can be used to safely dispose of the used items after a spill. Both spill kits have enough materials to clean up a one gallon spill effectively.

Kits include: neutralizer, one organic respirator, one pair of nitrile gloves, one impervious gown, one pair of shoe covers, one pair of safety goggles, one bouffant cap, four absorbent mats, and one water-resistant bucket.