PDI Launches New Advanced Skin Antisepsis Platform

PDI announces the launch of its new Advanced Skin Antisepsis platform, PDI Prevantics.  Under this platform, the company is investing in innovations that provide the most efficient and advanced evidence-based solutions for preventing healthcare associated infections. These innovations will include new formulations, applications and delivery systems.

The introduction of the new PDI Prevantics brand positions us toward developing a platform that supports a broader range of advanced skin antisepsis solutions and builds on our commitment to empower healthcare professionals to Be the Difference in reducing infections and controlling associated costs, says Dan Marsh, executive vice president for PDI. 

The PDI Prevantics platform will house both future and current advanced skin antiseptics, starting with the existing Chlorascrub line. As the first pre-operative and pre-injection skin antiseptic with a 3.15 percent chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, Chlorascrub has proven to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, making it a perfect fit for the new PDI Prevantics platform. Product packaging reflecting the new name will transition in the market late January through early February. The formulation, delivery format and ordering procedures for the product will remain the same.