Premier Purchasing Partners Awards Contract to Inviro Medical Devices

ATLANTA -- Inviro Medical Devices announces that it has entered into a new agreement with Premier Purchasing Partners, LP that provides members of the Premier alliance access to Inviro's extensive portfolio of InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringe products. The agreement was awarded as part of Premier's Technology Breakthroughs Program and starts May 1, 2007. 

"Premier's process for assessing new technologies is thorough, rigorous and demanding," says Jim Charlesworth, senior vice president of sales for Inviro Medical Devices. "We are delighted, but not surprised, that our InviroSNAP! products have successfully passed through this process, and we look forward to presenting our comprehensive range of safety syringes to Premier members."

"The contract with Premier may help to further enhance our market position as we aggressively roll out the Inviro Safety System in the U.S. and Canada," says Gareth Clarke, chief executive officer of Inviro Medical Devices. "As the second major GPO contract we have secured during 2007, this agreement represents yet another significant milestone for our company. It is a clear recognition that we offer healthcare facilities a unique alternative to their existing safety syringe technology."

Inviro Medical Devices engineers and markets safe medication delivery systems, including the patented InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe. After years of research to develop patents and refine product designs, the company is addressing the growing $1.6 billion safety syringe market and introducing its breakthrough infection control technology in North America to help address employee and patient safety concerns. 

Source: Inviro Medical Devices