Premier Signs Multi-Source Agreement for Hypodermic and Sharps Products

Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, the group purchasing organization of Premier, Inc., has awarded 21 multi-source contracts to 13 suppliers for hypodermic and sharps products in seven product categories. The agreements were effective Oct. 1, 2004.


The awarded suppliers include:


-- B. Braun (Bethlehem, Pa.) - for its passive safety IV catheters,


-- Becton, Dickinson and Company (Franklin Lakes, N.J.) - for IV site management products, standard and safety hypodermic products, safety IV catheters, blunt cannula access devices, and safety blades and scalpels


-- DeRoyal (Knoxville, Tenn.) - for its safety blades and scalpels as well as surgical and specialty blade products


-- Hypoguard (Suffolk, England) - for its safety blades and scalpel products


-- LSL (Chicago) - for its IV site management products


-- Medex (Carlsbad, Calif.) - for its safety IV catheters


-- Medical Action (Hauppauge, N.Y.) - for its IV site management products


-- Personna Medical (Verona, Va.) - for its safety blades and scalpel products


-- Retractable Technologies, Inc. (Little Elm, Texas) - for its safety hypodermic products


-- Smiths Medical ASD, Inc. (Keene, N.H.) - for its safety hypodermic products


-- Tyco Healthcare (Mansfield, Mass.) - for standard and safety hypodermics, as well as blunt cannula access devices


The new, multi-source contracts were developed in collaboration with Premier members to deliver increased flexibility in product choice and to provide access to diversity suppliers.


"After significant input from the membership, Premier's member selection committee awarded a contract portfolio that offers unprecedented flexibility and product choice to support the delivery of appropriate patient care," said Bob Hamon, senior vice president of group purchasing services. "At the same time, this contract portfolio offers our members significant opportunities for cost savings."


Additionally, the Premier Safety Institute supports Premier members' safety initiatives to reduce sharps injuries by providing educational resources, regulatory updates and other Web-based resources available at


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Source: Premier, Inc.