PRIMUS Sterilizer Company Announces Installation at FDA


PRIMUS Sterilizer Company, a manufacturer of steam sterilizers, announces the recent installation of 29 steam sterilizers at the new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters -- the White Oak Federal Research Center -- in Silver Spring, Md.  This is one of several large research facilities throughout the United States supported by PRIMUS steam sterilizers.

PRIMUS worked closely with its dealer, Modular Component Systems, LLC, and Clark Construction to provide the PSS5-B-MSDD, PSS5-C-MSDD, and PSS5-P-MSDD models of steam sterilizers for the Southeast Quad buildings 52 and 72. The $202 million Center for Biologics Evaluations & Research (CBER) is comprised of the two laboratory buildings.

PRIMUS steam sterilizers were equipped with the optional P6 - Drain Water Conservation Quench and the P24 - PRI-Saver Water Conservation System. These proprietary systems will significantly support the FDAs LEED energy conservation measures at the White Oak campus.

With the PRIMUS PRI-Saver, the White Oak facility will use up to 95 percent less water each time a sterilizer cycle is conducted. By choosing this green option, the U.S. government will save of thousands of dollars each year through reduced water usage.

PRIMUS provided sterilizers for the BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories as well as the Vivarium. These laboratories support the advancement of cell, gene and tissue therapies, blood and blood component products, vaccines, allergenic products and other important biologics.  PRIMUS sterilizers played an important part in establishing these laboratories which are instrumental in supporting the efforts of CBER scientists to ensure safe and effective biological products.

Source: PRIMUS Sterilizer Company, LLC

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