Propper Manufacturing Company Announces New Bowie-Dick Sterilizer Test

Propper Manufacturing Company announces the launch of the Ecos Bowie-Dick test: a technician-friendly and eco-friendly test for prevacuum sterilizers, Ecos addresses the increasing concerns of technician safety, ease-of-use and hazardous waste processing in healthcare facilities.
Reusable Bowie-Dick tests are often associated with long cool down times and performance inconsistencies which are inconvenient in fast-paced, efficiently run sterile processing departments. As a result, performing the daily AAMI ST-79 recommended Bowie-Dick sterilizer test is commonly done with disposable packs. Disposable packs enter the hospital waste stream and, due to the presence of heavy metals such as lead, bismuth or chromium, are often designated for hazardous waste disposal. The additional expense associated with hazardous waste disposal is typically viewed within the hospital supply chain as a hidden soft costs, but given the increasing sophistication in cost analysis, it is becoming an increasingly visible expense.

Lead and other potentially hazardous heavy metals are eliminated in the manufacture of the Ecos Bowie-Dick Test, making the test pack completely recyclable and biodegradable; addressing the associated hazardous waste processing cost and the related concern of technician exposure to heavy metals.

"Reliability, ease-of-use and performance are top-priority in all new chemical indicator products, and Ecos is no exception." says Andrew Sharavara, PhD, chief technical officer for Propper. "This new test pack combines best-in-class performance with an unmatched reduction in healthcare personnel & environmental concerns."

Drs. J. Bowie and J. Dick devised the AAMI-recommended Bowie-Dick test to ensure adequate penetration of steam and removal of residual air inside steam sterilizer chambers. Propper launched the first pre-printed single-use test sheet in 1968. In 1982 they manufactured the first preassembled single-use pack and continue to introduce innovative sterilization process monitoring tests.  

Source: Propper Mfg. Co., Inc.