PSP Awarded Three-Year Contract with the Premier Healthcare Alliance for Room Turnover Products

Preferred Surgical Products (PSP), has been awarded a three-year contract as the sole source provider of room turnover products for the Premier healthcare alliances ASCEND® (Accelerated Supply Chain Endeavor) program membership. With more than 300 acute care ASCEND facilities spending over $6.8 billion in committed contract volume, the new contract offers a broad base of new customers for PSP to partner with and grow in the U.S. market.  PSP was also awarded a three-year multi-source group purchasing contract with Premier. This includes PSPs complete line of room turnover products for the alliances 2,600 hospitals and more than 84,000 additional healthcare sites that represent over $43 billion in annual purchases.

Room turnover systems are one of the fastest growing areas in the infection prevention market, and PSP is the fastest growing company within the room turnover arena.

Deborah Wooley, RN, founder and CEO of PSP, says, We are extremely proud that Premiers ASCEND members have chosen to use PSP as their exclusive supplier for STAT-PACTM Room Turnover Packs.  A key component of the STAT-PACTM system is our proprietary STAT-BLOCTM antimicrobial, impervious, disposable linens. STAT-BLOC antimicrobial linens provide a significant step forward to enhanced performance improvement of the OR room turnover process and the mission of getting to zero in surgical site infections. This simple but effective process improvement will enhance surgical outcomes by increasing perioperative throughput while improving infection prevention practices in the healthcare setting.

PSP manufactures and markets STAT-PACTM Room Turnover packs which are used for environmental cleaning to help minimize the spread of infection in various healthcare settings, including the operating room in inpatient or outpatient facilities, labor & delivery, interventional radiology, cardiac catheterization, endoscopy suites, and the emergency room.  The STAT-PACTM system is supportive to ACOs who emphasize infection prevention, improving quality of care, and improving health outcomes. 

Wooley, designer of the original room turnover pack concept containing antimicrobial linens, adds,  STAT-PACTM contains cutting-edge nano-technology which has been applied to our products for improved performance. The packs contain disposable, absorbent, skin-friendly, impervious STAT-BLOCTM antimicrobial linens which cover the OR table, a soft and strong patient lift sheet, single-use non-linting mop heads, germicidal wipes, and bags with a highly specialized proprietary resin formulated to yield additional strength and integrity.  The combination of these components provides both clinical and operational benefits to the patient and healthcare workers.

The proprietary STAT-BLOCTM antimicrobial linens offer an added layer of protection in the clinical environment. This antimicrobial barrier helps prevent the colonization and migration of bacteria and pathogens most often associated with SSI (surgical site infections), including MRSA. STAT-BLOCTM antimicrobial tri-laminate film, created using nanotechnology, is laminated to a superabsorbent wicking layer and tri-laminated to a skin-friendly, hydrophilic, non-woven patient contact layer. STAT-BLOC antimicrobial disposable linens work continuously to help prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria on and in the linens providing an added level of protection against hospital acquired infections (HAI).

The new agreement begins Sept. 1, 2012 and ends Aug. 31, 2015.