Pure Processing LLC Launches New Dedicated Eye Instrument Sink

Pure Processing LLC , developer of ergonomic medical device pre-cleaning systems and accessories, introduces a new pre-cleaning system specifically for eye instruments. The lightweight, movable Pure Station™ Dedicated Eye Sink can be installed on a countertop, inserted into a sink, or recessed into a mobile cart to create a dedicated pre-cleaning area for intraocular instruments. This reduces the potential for cross-contamination by material or residue from general surgical instruments, as recommended in ANSI/AAMI ST 79:2006:A1:2008/Annex N.

”Compliance to standards, especially to best practices that help prevent infection, is even more critical in today’s emerging microbial landscape, and in light of the dangers and costs infections pose for patients and their healthcare providers,” says Dan Gusanders, president of Pure Processing. “Our innovation focuses on enhancing ergonomics and pre-cleaning compliance. We identified the need for a safe, effective, efficient dedicated pre-cleaning capability for intraocular instruments and developed a new system, based on our proven technology, that meets that need. The Pure Station Dedicated Eye Sink has the potential to become an essential support tool for eye surgery.”

The first compliance feature of the Pure Station Dedicated Eye Sink is its visual labeling. The upper edge of the system includes a permanent label that states: “EYE INSTRUMENTS ONLY.” The same label also instructs users to “Discard water used to clean or rinse after each use,” and to “Follow device manufacturer’s instructions for use.” In addition, there are two configurations available; one with the proven Pure Processing pump system for lumens and channels, and one without. The pump can irrigate two devices at once and be used to develop a copious flushing protocol. The sink includes numerous practical features, such as hanging containers for measured cleaning solutions and rinse solutions, a container to hold brushes and parts, a mixing well to measure proper amounts of concentrated detergents, and a drain designed as a barrier to prevent small parts from being lost. The Dedicated Eye Sink is also light and compact, and can easily be stored on a shelf. 
Source: Pure Processing, LLC